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Chapter 3: Their Ancestors

The Augustus Barto O'Barr and Lola May Peppers Family

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copyright 1995 by Gerald L. O'Barr

Page 3-2 is a pedigree chart showing the parents and grandparents of Augustus Barto O'Barr and Lola May Peppers. It is hoped that future editions of this book will include extensions along all our lines, to include the lines for Augustus Barto O'Barr's first wife, and Lola May Peppers's second husband. All who can provide additional information (or corrections to what is given) for any of these lines are encouraged to contact the author.

A pedigree chart does not show much. It at best only shows the smallest skeleton of the life stories of these people. Each pair of names might represent a very large family. Only one child of each family is listed. Although there are no complete life stories on pedigree charts. we know that there are stories there, many of which we will never know. What great joy, and great disappointments, and great sorrows were lived by these individuals! But whether they were written or unwritten, these experiences did occur, and we get to see the results of their great efforts.

Family group records for these families, sometimes with very incomplete information, begin on the pages given below:

Jesse O'Barr and Susan A. Wharton 3-3
Thomas O'Barr and Sally 3-4,5
Thomas Wharton and Sarah Duncan 3-6,7,8
Austin J. Peppers and Judy A. Anderson 3-9,10
Austin Peppers and Susan Jackson 3-11
James P. Anderson and Doshie A. Campbell 3-12,13

Page 3-14 is a list of symbols used on pedigree charts and family group records.

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