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Pedigree: List of symbols

The Augustus Barto O'Barr and Lola May Peppers Family

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copyright 1995 by Gerald L. O'Barr

   The following symbols are used in this book, mainly 
   on pedigree charts and family group records:

     *     =   The child on a family group record
                    representing the direct line.
     aka   =   also known as
     B     =   baptized.
     B:    =   date of baptism.
     BIC   =   born in covenant.
     BORN  =   date of birth.
     BUR.  =   date of burial.
     C     =   children ordnance.
     CHILD =   Died before 8 years old or never had
                    a mental capacity greater than 8.
     DIED  =   date of death
     E     =   endowed.
     E:    =   date of endowment and temple abbreviation.
     F     =   female
     M     =   male
     MARR  =   date of marriage
     nka   =   now known as
     NMN   =   no middle name
     P     =   Sealed to parents
     Place =   usually City, County, and State
     S     =   Sealed to spouse
     SP:   =   date of sealing to parents and temple
     SS:   =   date of sealing to spouse and temple


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