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Appendix A: The O'Barr Family Flag

The Augustus Barto O'Barr and Lola May Peppers Family

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copyright 1995 by Gerald L. O'Barr

The O'Barr Flag

The O'Barr Family Flag

In the 13th Ward, San Diego CA North Stake, Bishop Glen Hunsaker held a Family Flag Contest. In June, 1974, we were notified that our family flag would be published in the Ensign.    Gerald L. O'Barr, 1995.

The O'Barr family flag consists of an "O" and a "bar." The "O" stands for the circle of perfection or the circle that represents eternity. It is our Family Circle. The "bar" stands for the judgement bar of God or the iron rod. It provides stability and direction to life, a symbol of truth, fairness, and balance.

This flag is a simple two element or two color flag, reflecting the simplicity of our own reality. In 2 Nephi 2, verse 11, is expressed the principle that all things exist as simple compounds of opposites. So it is with reality itself. Pure matter and pure space make up our basic existence. They are the most opposite of opposites, a something-nothing compound. Thus, mass and space (or kingdom and space) give existence to each other, one cannot exist without the other. Therefore do the scriptures say, "...for there is no space in which there is no kingdom, and there is no kingdom in which there is no space...." (D&C 88:37)

The upper rising ramp represents our eternal progression. We must climb to reach the top. There is a balance in the colors of this flag, representing the importance of balance and moderation in our lives. The inversion between the two colors represents the inversion that occurs when pure matter collides with pure matter, and is the origin of our free motion through space.

The actual colors can be varied to express the feelings or the events of the day, or even the seasons of the year: Blue and gold for Summer, red and gold for Fall, black and gold for Winter, and green and gold for Spring. The gold represents the sun, which makes all our seasons. The blue represents the Summer sky, the red the Autumn leaves, the black the Winter skies, and the green the new growth of Spring.

White and blue for education, red and black for war, purple and gold for events of royalty, white and gold for joy: Each set of colors would be chosen as desired by the one flying the flag. One could fly one or more sets of colors if he were so inclined. For the glory and the power and the honor of God, flags of all colors would be flown. Variety is one of the grand achievements of God. He has brought forth variety even though reality is composed of only one simple compound of opposites.

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