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Random Sampler

Wave the Family Flag

Gerald L. O’Barr, “Wave the Family Flag,” Ensign, July 1975, 42
Almost every family has family prayer, a family car, a family dog. Lots of them are catching on to family home evening. But how many have a family flag?

The O’Barr family has one. They created their flag as a ward family flag contest entry and although they didn’t win, it was terrific fun. Besides symbolizing their family name, the “O” means perfection, eternity, and the family circle; the “bar” represents the judgment bar, the iron rod, and the line one must not step over. The diagonal in the middle shows that one must climb to reach the top. Colors are balanced, indicating the importance of moderation. The reflection across the diagonal is symbolic of the principle of pure matter and pure space making up ultimate existence, a something-nothing compound.

Imaginations on the go, the O’Barrs envision colors to match the seasons, symbols teaching scriptural principles, and flags reflecting moods—perhaps a combination of them in various colors such as green and white for peace.

A family flag? You may create dozens of them. Gerald L. O’Barr, 13th Ward, San Diego California North Stake