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The Augustus Barto O'Barr and Lola May Peppers Family

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copyright 1995 by Gerald L. O'Barr

Augustus Barto O'Barr Family 1904
		Augustus Barto O'Barr Family in 1904.  From left to right;
		Back Row: Arthur (10), Frank (kneeling, 17), Joe (14), Ida (13)
		Front Row: Dora (4), Augustus (41), Lewis (7), Lola (30),
		being held by Lola is Parley (2) (Apporoximate ages only)

Augustus Barto O'Barr 1904

Lola May Peppers 1954

Lola May Peppers and daughters 1953

Lola May Peppers and sons 1962

Andrew Benton Clevenger 1935 Andrew Benton Clevenger 1935

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