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Appendix C:
I believe in America!

The Augustus Barto O'Barr and Lola May Peppers Family

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copyright 1995 by Gerald L. O'Barr

Written by Gerald L. O'Barr, 1995

When someone says they "believe in America," what do they mean? Do they mean, in a 4th of July parade, that their hearts jump for joy when the American flag passes by? Does it mean that they have a special attitude and respect for people, and how they should live and treat one another? Is it about the importance of justice and freedom, and the proper government? To believe in America is a most powerful and important concept! No person should ever misunderstand what it is to believe in America, and to know the power that is in this belief.

To a scientist, to believe in America means: Yes, I visited a country South of Canada, and they say they live in America, so therefore it is a correct belief. To scientists, the correctness of a belief in something rest merely with the proof of the existence of the object of the belief.

This same approach is used with their belief in God. To a scientist, to determine if a belief in God is correct is merely determining if His existence is known. What a loss of understanding. Even if you died this minute and instantly stood in the presence of God, your belief in Him could not be any more or less than it is now. The question is not if you believe in God's existence, but do you believe in Him like you believe in America? This belief would not change with any change in knowledge of His existence.

I believe in America. I would believe in America, or the American way, even if America did not exist. I thrill over the truths held in the belief. These truths are "measured" without any reference to the existence of America. Our glory is in the truths of the beliefs. May we all believe in America, and understand the power that is in these beliefs.

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